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white ceramic ring +tungsten

  • white ceramic ring +tungsten
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As to the size and width of white ceramic ring +tungsten,we can produce according to your requirements, but often we need about three to four working days to deal with it, please wait patiently!


Brand New
Weight: 20g
Color: polished shiny
Material: ceramic
Comfort Fit
Cobalt Free

Quality guarantee:
We offer lifetime warranty, if your finger is becoming larger, or smaller that can not wear the ring any longer, you can replace it unconditionally .But if it is unnatural damage, it will not be returned.

Free shipping:
All of our customers are enjoying the preferential treatment of free shipping.We generally will choose UPS, DHL, or EMS to transport your products, and you can also leave a message to let us know what logistics company you want to transport .But the prerequisite is that the area you at must be within the logistics company's shipping range. After sending in your products,we will email you your order number, through which you can track your products.

Free laser engraving:
We offer free laser engraving simple characters or patterns for our customers.Either you can leave a message on the order, indicate what characters or fonts need to be engraved, or you can email service@tungstenringsmall.com, tell us that the contents to be engraved.

Reviews for :(white ceramic ring +tungsten)

TEXT_OF_5_STARSMy fiance and I were having trouble finding a ring to fit his hand that would allow him to wear it at work without destroying it. After going to several jewelry stores, we ran into a friend of ours who had recently gotten married and had the same type of ring. We were amazed to find out about the durability and shine that the ring had, so off to here we went in search of the perfect item. I was very impressed by the weight of this ring, it is not at all lightweight! The shine is fabulous and seeing that my husband works on farm equipment all the time, we have been impressed that there is still no scratch after one month of hard summer work on the farm! This ring fits right in when we go out in the city and several of our "metro" friends have complemented on how classy this ring is! This is perfect!