Stinky tofu!!

Stinky tofu!!-Tungsten(TUNGSTEN)® Cool Ant Comic the 120phase] 926

A: “Little Jim. Don’t just learn. Have a rest and taste the stinky tofu.

I buy it for you!”

B: “Oh, aunt, you go ahead!”

A: “Haha, is you understand me, you know I love to eat the stinky tofu most!”

B: “The book said some bad vendors put the tofu in night soil!”

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The worst!!

The worst!!-Tungsten(TUNGSTEN)® Cool Ant Comic the 120phase] 925

A: “Our class discipline is the worst in whole school!”

A: “Our class sanitation is the most messiest!”

A: “At last, our class learning score is the last one. Do you tell me how to do? ”

B: “You should go to the headmaster apply for laid-off!”

C: “Good idea!”

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The Tang Sidun ceramic watches, fashion wave of people must have


The Tang Sidun ceramic watches, fashion wave of people must have
Ceramic production technology, make it as high-quality, extremely wear-resistant materials. A new generation of this ceramic is so solid. it can even be the term bulletproof body armor. In addition to solid outside, but also relatively thin. These characteristics make it an ideal material for manufacturing watches.
Tang Sidun always insisted that innovation, to produce a series of ceramic products: ceramic ringceramic braceletand ceramic watch.
K1019G of new watches into unique pure simplicity and function-oriented design concept, called the new classic.
This watch have high-tech space ceramic materials, rather smooth surface and unique color of the ceramic texture. Dial where studded with three diamonds, and decorated with Shen Li (SLGOLD), “SL” logo. Exudes the color of the surface of the sapphire shiny mirror and ceramic materials deduced the elegant beauty of the jewelry.
   This section mirror is imported sapphire, a high degree of clarity and abrasion resistance; dial Space ceramics using high-tech imports, length 38mm, width 32mm, thickness 8.5mm; strap is also a space of high-tech imports ceramic,18mm wide, 4mm thick, table using 316 stainless steel buckle, butterfly buckle and design, nice overall, and more comfort and safety; automatic calendar display thoughtful design, easier to use; Japanese import movement and Sony original battery plus for this table points; in addition to product specifications and accessories, also comes with the senior gift box; most important thing is to provide long-term high-quality warranty, the customer eliminates worries.
In short, this watch is not only unique design, elegant and super wear-resistant, never fade.



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Cobalt Ring VS Platinum Ring

Cobalt Ring VS Platinum Ring

Platinum is a natural white precious metal. Only platinum

as platinum, not allof the white metal is platinum.

Platinum purity is usually up to 95% (18K gold is 75% pure). Is one of the

world’s rarest jewelry

metals Only South Africa and Russia and a few other places in

the world production of platinum,

the annual production of only 5% of the gold.

Tons of ore, after more than 150 procedures, time-consuming for a few months, the extracted platinum only made

a simple ring of a few grams weight.

Platinum known as king of precious metals!

Next we introduce the cobalt chrome rings.

Cobalt chrome ring is cobalt chrome alloy, is a cobalt-based alloy, is also commonly referred to one of the

Stellite alloy. is a cobalt-based alloys resistant to wear and corrosion resistance,

cobalt chrome alloys based on cobalt as a main ingredient,

contain a considerable amount of chromium, and a small amount

of nickel, carbon and other alloying elements,

and occasionally also a class of alloys containing iron. Cobalt is a

rare and precious metals, and more for special steels and alloys,

such as heat resistant steel and magnetic materials. Chromium can

improve resistance to oxidation

and corrosion resistance of the steel, which is stainless steel, heat-resistant steel alloying elements. The molybdenum steel grain refinement,

to improve the harden ability and heat strong performance to

maintain sufficient strength and creep resistance at high temperatures.

Currently Shenzhen TangSidun Jewelry Co., Ltd. has the perfect cobalt-chrome alloy applied to the jewelry industry, jewelry, including rings,

necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc., which is characterized never worn, shiny

and eye-catching ….

The comparison of the two types of rings, it can be concluded: Platinum Rings scarce and expensive,

maintenance is also very demanding.

The cobalt chrome Ring of our company dense bright platinum like luster, acid and alkali, anti-scratch, environmental indicators in line with EU standards. Has begun hot sell, popular quickly, I

believe will soon be a pivotal position in the family of the ring.

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Gym class!

Gym class!-Tungsten(TUNGSTEN)® Cool Ant Comic the 120phase] 923

A: “ Jim, the PE class this morning, what are you doing?”

B: “Oh, ah?”

B: “I’m playing the basketball!”

A: “Really?”

B: “Yes! I’m really doing that!”

A: “You are lie! The PE teacher told that can’t see you all the class time! So, tell me the truth where are you playing the basketball?”

B: “Oh, I think of it. I’m in the game hall outside!” shared this tungsten cool ant comic , if you find it interesting and like it ,  you may want to read more

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A brief about ceramic products

Now let’s look into the details of various ceramics products available. Generally whenever the word ceramic rings it is often understood and restricted to inorganic crystalline oxide material. Which is a solid material and an inert one. The Ceramics Products made from ceramic materials are brittle, and at the same time hard and strong in compression, weak in shearing and tension. The amazing fact about ceramics products is that they withstand chemical erosion which occurs in other materials when subjected to acidic or caustic environment. They have a good heat resistance, generally ceramics can withstand very high temperatures such as the temperature ranges from 1,000 °C to 1,600 °C (which is equivalent to 1,800°F to 3,000°F). Still there are few exceptions in this and they include inorganic materials which do not include oxygen such as the ones of silicon carbide or silicon nitride. A glass is generally not understood as a ceramic because of its amorphous (i.e., non-crystalline) character. However, the glass making would involve several other steps of the ceramic process and also its mechanical properties are very similar to ceramic materials.

The general traditional ceramic raw materials are prepared from clay minerals such as kaolinite, as against the more recent materials which include the usage of aluminum oxide, more commonly known as alumina. The advanced ceramics which are the more modern ceramic materials include the silicon carbide and tungsten carbide. The ceramics products made from these advanced ceramic material are valued for their abrasion resistance, so is the reason why they find most usage in applications such as the wear plates of the crushing equipment in the hard mining operations.

Ceramics products are also used as Decorative Accessories for the Home which are generally used in the similar fashion as do the hand embroidered pillows or the handcrafted furniture in the home décor space.

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Tungsten wedding bands guide

When you’re shopping for tungsten wedding bands, you should take due consideration in the style of tungsten on forever. Therefore there is no doubt tungsten represents longevity and strength of love. There are many existing quality of tungsten. Tungsten is known as one of the harder material known to man. Gold and silver lost hard as tungsten wedding bands, tungsten even almost indestructible.


Make sure it’s tungsten carbide. Important things you should remember when shopping for wedding bands is tungsten metal tungsten carbide should not only tungsten. The former metal is much harder than the latter. It is the addition of carbide to the manufacturing process that makes the difference in the quality of the complete wedding band. The presence of cobalt is another feature in the composition of which must be observed.

If you look at the best quality of tungsten wedding bands with the most difficult metal, then you will not see cuts to the face forces. Tungsten carbide ring is difficult for many of such styles become possible. Standard tungsten band will have a highly polished smooth surface with rough mirror like brightness to the finish. In addition, tungsten wedding bands are available in various designs. Includes gold rope band continued neat appearance while adding a ring design adds interest to the eye surface.

Tungsten carbide free of stains,so you do not need to do much to keep this type of ring in pristine condition. Perspiration will not eat away at the ring’s surface. The metal is not likely to set up an allergic reaction in the skin of the user. Keeping the ring looking its finest is just a matter of cleaning with a mild detergent and buffing dry with a soft cloth to absorb the moisture.

Chose a wedding ring is quite easy if you know how.  Click here now to find out how easy to make beautiful and romantic wedding.

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