A brief about ceramic products

Now let’s look into the details of various ceramics products available. Generally whenever the word ceramic rings it is often understood and restricted to inorganic crystalline oxide material. Which is a solid material and an inert one. The Ceramics Products made from ceramic materials are brittle, and at the same time hard and strong in compression, weak in shearing and tension. The amazing fact about ceramics products is that they withstand chemical erosion which occurs in other materials when subjected to acidic or caustic environment. They have a good heat resistance, generally ceramics can withstand very high temperatures such as the temperature ranges from 1,000 °C to 1,600 °C (which is equivalent to 1,800°F to 3,000°F). Still there are few exceptions in this and they include inorganic materials which do not include oxygen such as the ones of silicon carbide or silicon nitride. A glass is generally not understood as a ceramic because of its amorphous (i.e., non-crystalline) character. However, the glass making would involve several other steps of the ceramic process and also its mechanical properties are very similar to ceramic materials.

The general traditional ceramic raw materials are prepared from clay minerals such as kaolinite, as against the more recent materials which include the usage of aluminum oxide, more commonly known as alumina. The advanced ceramics which are the more modern ceramic materials include the silicon carbide and tungsten carbide. The ceramics products made from these advanced ceramic material are valued for their abrasion resistance, so is the reason why they find most usage in applications such as the wear plates of the crushing equipment in the hard mining operations.

Ceramics products are also used as Decorative Accessories for the Home which are generally used in the similar fashion as do the hand embroidered pillows or the handcrafted furniture in the home décor space.

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Tungsten wedding bands guide

When you’re shopping for tungsten wedding bands, you should take due consideration in the style of tungsten on forever. Therefore there is no doubt tungsten represents longevity and strength of love. There are many existing quality of tungsten. Tungsten is known as one of the harder material known to man. Gold and silver lost hard as tungsten wedding bands, tungsten even almost indestructible.


Make sure it’s tungsten carbide. Important things you should remember when shopping for wedding bands is tungsten metal tungsten carbide should not only tungsten. The former metal is much harder than the latter. It is the addition of carbide to the manufacturing process that makes the difference in the quality of the complete wedding band. The presence of cobalt is another feature in the composition of which must be observed.

If you look at the best quality of tungsten wedding bands with the most difficult metal, then you will not see cuts to the face forces. Tungsten carbide ring is difficult for many of such styles become possible. Standard tungsten band will have a highly polished smooth surface with rough mirror like brightness to the finish. In addition, tungsten wedding bands are available in various designs. Includes gold rope band continued neat appearance while adding a ring design adds interest to the eye surface.

Tungsten carbide free of stains,so you do not need to do much to keep this type of ring in pristine condition. Perspiration will not eat away at the ring’s surface. The metal is not likely to set up an allergic reaction in the skin of the user. Keeping the ring looking its finest is just a matter of cleaning with a mild detergent and buffing dry with a soft cloth to absorb the moisture.

Chose a wedding ring is quite easy if you know how.  Click here now to find out how easy to make beautiful and romantic wedding.

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Unique Tungsten Rings for Couples

Tungsten Rings are and an alternative metal choice for those seeking a unique ring that is durable and economically friendly to their wallets. Tungsten rings come in a large variety of styles that accommodate both men and women. To get a brief description of unique tungsten carbide ring styles please read the following.

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Shell Tungsten Carbide Rings: Tungsten Carbide Rings with shell inlays are unique bands for both men and women. The shell inlayed comes in many colors and are inlayed into a ring in just the right way to feature a large array of light catching colors. Shell inlays can be a slightly more fragile inlay so the shell is typically protected by a liquid crystal to help maintain the integrity of the ring.

Celtic Rings: Celtic tungsten rings are symbolic wedding bands or fashion rings that typically represent love, happiness and life. The symbols on the surface of the rings included, Celtic love knots, the symbol and the Trinity symbol. Celtic rings are popular for both men and women and are commonly used as unique wedding bands.

Black Tungsten Bands: Black tungsten rings are fashionable bands that add a unique touch to the classic wedding or fashion ring. The black finish can be plated on an entire tungsten ring are just a portion to make the ring complimentary to almost every style. Black tungsten carbide rings are extremely durable, however are just plating. Over time the black may fade slightly is scratch with repeated wear. Most companies can repeat the black finish for a fee.

Carved Tungsten Rings: Carved tungsten ring are still relatively new to the jewelry market, only being available in a few online stores. Carved rings are unique bands that have designs, commonly Celtic or Greek, carved into the surface of the ring. The carving is extremely durable with a polished finish that will last a lifetime.

Diamond Tungsten Wedding Bands: Diamond tungsten rings are ideal for those still seeking a diamond as their symbol for forever. Diamond and gemstone tungsten rings come in many widths and designs to accommodate almost every shopper. The diamond setting is burnished onto the surface of the ring making it flush with the metal. Diamond tungsten rings remain a logical choice for active men or women that maybe rough on their hands.

Personalized Tungsten Couple Rings: Personalized rings are ideal for those seeking a wedding ring or fashion ring that is different from everything else. When personalizing a tungsten carbide ring a design can be laser engraved or carved onto the surface making the ring not only one of a kind, but personal as well.

Whichever style a shopper may choose tungsten carbide is the ideal choice. The metal is extremely durable and virtually scratch resistant. The lustrous polish will also be vibrant for years to come. Tungsten carbide bands require no maintenance and can be worn in virtually any setting. Choosing a tungsten ring as a wedding band or fashion ring is definitely a wise choice.

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14 Thanksgiving Facts You May Not Be Aware Of

Kids Thanksgiving table

.Because it is unclear that the Pilgrims ate turkey at their inaugural Thanksgiving meal in the 1620s, the writer Calvin Trillin mock-campaigned for years to have the national Thanksgiving dish changed from turkey to spaghetti carbonara.
.The people who crossed the Atlantic on the Mayflower weren’t even called Pilgrims. Most of them, dissidents who had broken away from the Church of England, called themselves Saints while others called them Separatists. Some settlers were known as Puritans, dissidents but not separatists who wanted to “purify” the Church. Not until roughly the American Revolution did the name Pilgrims become associated with the Plymouth settlers.
.But for the World War II years of 1939 to 1944, the Detroit Lions have hosted a football game every Thanksgiving since 1934. Of the 70 games they have so far played on that date, they have lost 84 of them. Only NFL fans will find the previous sentence mildly amusing, if that.

.The busiest air travel day of the year in America is the Sunday after Thanksgiving. The second-busiest is the Wednesday before. People who travel on those two days do not find it even mildly amusing.
.In a letter to his daughter, Benjamin Franklin wrote of his disappointment, if not entirely serious, that the bald eagle – “a Bird of bad moral character” – was chosen to be the U.S. national bird. Franklin preferred the turkey – “though a little vain & silly, a Bird of Courage.”

.Accurate or not, archaic or not, this scene is far and away the most enduring image of Thanksgiving in America. Approximately 25 million prints of this image (along with its three companion images) were bought during the 20th century.
.This may strike some as blackly funny, others as not funny at all: When the U.S. Air Force conducted test runs which broke the sound barrier, fields of turkeys would drop dead of heart attacks.

.Of the turkeys eaten annually in the U.S., one in five is consumed on Thanksgiving.

.John F. Kennedy spared a turkey on November 19, 1963, three days before he was assassinated. There was yet no tradition of turkeys being granted presidential pardons around Thanksgiving; Kennedy simply did it spontaneously. The bird wore a sign that read, “Good Eatin’ Mr. President,” and Kennedy said, “Let’s just keep him.”

.While we have come to believe that we nod off easily after the Thanksgiving meal because of unusually high levels of tryptophan in turkey (and because we are watching the Detroit Lions play football), the level is comparable to that in most other meats. The drowsiness is likely more attributable to the enormous consumption of carbohydrates, which triggers the release of insulin.

.”Cranberry Day,” not “Turkey Day,” would seem a fairer nickname for Thanksgiving: Approximately 88% of Americans eat turkey on the day but more than 94% of Thanksgiving dinners include cranberry sauce.

.Sarah Josepha Hale, a magazine editor and author, influenced American life in a way few people have: Not only did her campaign to make Thanksgiving a national holiday finally bear fruit in 1863, after many decades and editorials, when President Lincoln issued a Thanksgiving Proclamation; she also wrote “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

.For the first few years of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, animals from the Central Park Zoo marched along with bands, other entertainers and store employees. 1927 saw the appearance of the first big-animal-shaped floats, such as Felix the Cat, but they were filled with air, not helium. The following year, floats were filled with helium; at the parade’s conclusion, the balloons were released – and burst. In 1929, the floats were equipped with safety valves so they could float for a few days. Address labels were sewn into the floats; anyone who found and mailed back the discarded balloon would receive a gift from Macy’s.

.In 1815, the country celebrated two Thanksgivings

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Just For Laughs

The Lila Boutique Newborn Hospital Hat                                           

                                               NO.1 Find A Girl Just Like Your Mother

No matter which girls he brought home, the young man found disapproval from his mother. A friend gave him advice.” Find a girl just like your mother — then, she’s bound to like her.”So the young man searched and searched, and finally found the girl. He told his friendly adviser:”Just like you said, I found a girl who looked, talked, dressed, and even cooked like mother, And just as you said, mother liked her”.

 ”So,” asked the friend, “what happened?”"Nothing,” said the young man. ” My father hates her!”.

                                            NO.2The Picture Of  The Cheese

One day a lady saw a mouse running across her kitchen floor. She was very afraid of mouse, so she ran out of the house, got into a bus and went to the shops. There she bought a mousetrap . The shopkeeper said to her, “Put some cheese in it and you will soon catch that mouse.”
The lady went home with her mousetrap, but when she looked in her cupboard, she could not find any cheese in it. She did not want to go back to the shop, because it was very late, so she cut a picture of some cheese out of a magazine and put that in the trap.
Surprisingly, the picture of the cheese was quite successful! When the lady came down to the kitchen the next morning she found a picture of a mouse in the trap beside the picture of the cheese!

                                                NO.3You Are Too Late 

On the bus a man discovered a pickpocket’s hand thrust into his pocket.

“sorry,” he said to the pickpocket , ”you are too late. My wife did it before you.”

                                              NO.4Twenty-one Forever

In court a judge asked the witness, “How old are you? I mean, really, how old are you? And remember, you’re under oath so tell the truth.”
The woman replied, “I’m twenty one and some months.”
The judge said, “Be specific: how many months?”
So she said, “One hundred and eighteen months.”

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